Spikey™ the Pocket Street Fighter

For many people including security personnel, an unexpected attack can be devastating, resulting in injuries or even death.

Imagine a weapon that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, is easily concealable, made of the finest high-impact materials, and is perfect for disarming and assailant with non-lethal force – witness the birth of the Spiky TM.

Spikey™ is an Israeli self defense device conceived by Sifu Sapir Tal after one of his students was attacked. Sapir realized how much women needed to have some protective tool, as well as the know-how in handling themselves when attacked.

The Spikey resembles at first a set of ordinary “brass” knuckles constructed of a tough plastic/fiberglass composite, but the secret of the device lies in the four “spikes” that give the weapon its name. With simple manipulations of these plastic “spikes” by the user (which are rounded, so as to not puncture skin), even an individual lacking any self-defense training may overpower his or her assailant.

The ultra-light, ultra-simple little tool utilizes natural human pressure points to cause discomfort, such that an individual being threatened has the ability to disarm and cause pain sufficient to make even a large assailant desist an attack. Virtually any type of attack can be stopped with the spikey, including, in extreme conditions, one with an edge weapon or firearm. Using hitting, pinching, pressing/poking, and “scraping” motions described fully in the included DVD, the owner can utilize the spikey to cause an assailant to drop to the ground, lose his weapon, let go of clothing or the body, or even follow the user in any direction he or she deems necessary.

Developed for and being used by police forces the world over, the Spikey is clearly the successor to the baton, and the next logical step in non-lethal self-defense.

Seminars are being held (to the public and security forces) for training in the most effective use of the devise.

Please visit:   http://spikey-tec.com

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