Shlomo Faiga

Founder of SHI-HEUN, Onshi Sydney Shlomo Faiga. 09.12.1932 – 13.12.2007
Sydney was born in South Africa to parents Lily & David Faiga, brother to Janis & Hermi.

After his parents divorced at the age of 7, Sydney moved with his father to live in a hotel room. His father was a soldier and so they met only during the weekends. In the rest of his time he was alone in the hotel, often slept in the public gardens, fighting for his life & honor also because of the fact being Jewish and for being lonely as well.
After several years the father married again and moved to Durban. Shlomo Sydney, moved in with him, and then returned to Johannesburg and joined the army.
In his Military service he suffered much humiliation and ridicule for being the only Jew among 600 his company. Often required to defend himself and honor physically.
Sidney Shlomo Faiga tough fighter is appreciated for it. After his military service he returned to Johannesburg and returned to practice martial arts (Judo, Karate, Jujitsu, boxing, and unique system of Krav Maga and self defense) and reached the rank of 6th dan.

1952 – Met Nehama for the first time.
1956 – Married Nehama.
1958 – Roy, their first born son was born.
1960 – Ilan Faiga second son is born and the family moved to Israel. Settle down in
Moledet (cooperative settlement).
1965 – Oren, third son is born.
1968 – Gil & Ziv the twins are the forth & fifth sons of Nehama & Shlomo Sydney.

Shlomo Sydney was a proud family man who always took care of his wife and family.

1961 – Participate in the 6th Maccabiyah games representing the Israel Judo team (This year was the first time Judo tournament was part of the games) in these games Shlomo demonstrated Karate maneuver and self defense with his friend Denis. Performance was overwhelming and gains a wide coverage in the news and among the world of sport. Shlomo Sydney was the pioneer who had brought Karate to Israel.

1961 – Open the first Judo & Karate Dojo clubs in Israel, starting to teach close combat techniques and self defense, founding the SHI-HEUN method while the SHI-HEUN represent Sydney point of view in the martial art world and way of life. Inseparable part of that point of view is the forming of his personality from childhood thru daily surviving fights and until arriving to the promise land of Israel.
Shlomo Sydney Faiga worked in agriculture and after in the water cooperative of Harod Valley. A hard working dedicated and diligent man, Shlomo never choose the easy way regarding all responsibilities of the farm life and aspects.
Shlomo was a master and mentor and one of the first founders of the martial arts world in Israel.

Shlomo received recognition to his method from the Ministry of Education and the Sport union.

Founder of Karate & Judo in Israel, Chairman of the Israel Karate association and managing the Karate field in Hapoel Center.

Shlomo was the first ever in Israel who went abroad with a Karate national team.

Shlomo was honored in the hall of fame of South Africa as the highest rank of a founder and head of a method and doctrine in the world.

Honor, determination, persistent, commitment and profoundness to his way of life were his milestones who guided him than and are inseparable part and base of the SHI-HEUN way up to our days.

Shlomo was tough on the outside, gentle on the inside, gets angry in a fraction of a second and return to calm in the same speed. A man of “what you see is what you get”, his heart and mouth are the same. No acts, pure and truthful.

At the present Roy Faiga, Shlomo eldest son is the head of the SHI-HEUN method and with the help of his 4 brothers (also active training/trainers black belts) carry on and developing the legacy of the SHI-HEUN.

Shlomo relationship with his wife Nehama was special & unique. Nehama was the life and soul behind Shlomo success and their house was open to all people often become a gathering place to SHI-HEUN students at all times and days. Nehama had a hard and difficult childhood as well, a cause that shaped their life together and their bonding.

Several days after his 75th birthday on Dec 13th 2007, passed away softly & quietly like only he knew. Shlomo has left his wife Nehama of blessed memory (passed away August 2nd 2008) and his children and entire family painful & stunned.

God blessed his soul and memory.
His legacy, a way of life for all his followers.