Krav Maga Federation

The KMF-AC training program teaches the techniques of Krav Maga as primarily taught by Imi Lichtenfeld. The techniques developed by Imi Lichtenfeld constitute the reference material used by KMF-AC instructors.

In addition to the Krav Maga techniques, the art of neurological strikes are incorporated into the curriculum developed by Alain Cohen in his Krav Maga program.

Alain Cohen’s Krav Maga  programs contains special approaches, tactics, techniques, subjects, drills and training methods for the different sectors:

★ Civilians of all ages, men and women, young and old;
★ Law-enforcement officers;
★ Military personnel and units;
★ Correction service officers and wardens;
★ Security officers;
★ Close protection officers;
★ Undercover agents;
★ Antiterrorists groups;
★ Air-marshals;
★ Special and commando units
Address: Ashdod, Israel
Chief instructor: Alain Cohen
Chief instructor bio:Alain Cohen is a qualified martial arts and Krav Maga coach, graduate of Wingate Institute, Israel national sport center.. Krav Maga Black Belt dan 5th Head System of KMF-AC Thai-boxing Instructor certified by Thailand defense ministry

phone: +972-54-583-64-18