Moshe Horvitz

Moshe (Meishel) Horowitz was born in 1919 in Russia. In Israel he became a senior Kapap instructor in the Palmach. He was an instructor in the first Kapap instructor’s course in 1941, and later stationed as Chief Kapap Instructor in the Hagana and Palmach.

Horowitz was responsible for developing and implementing the short stick Kapap fighting method. Back then, special courses for learning this system became common, mostly for teenagers. Courses were composed of eight lessons of ninety minutes each. These short but effective courses, were based on: Feldenkrais concept of ‘unconscious reaction’, and, further development and adjustments of the simultaneous block and attack concept.

Horvitz, was also responsible for emphasizing the breakdown teaching method, which emphasize teaching techniques in segments and not as one whole, in as early as 1940. This method became later one of Krav-Maga distinctive characteristics.

He fought as a platoon leader in Israel independence war. Served as an instructor in IDF officer’s course, and retired from the army as a captain.

In his civilian life, he was a kibbutz member, until passing away in the advanced ageĀ of 88.