Dr. Guy Mor

Guy Mor began his martial arts training at age 10 with Judo, under the instruction of Yoram Hadar one of Israel top Judo coaches. At age 14 he turned to Karate and trained under Kichi Sasiama who was a cultural attaché at the Japanese embassy in Israel. After about one year, Kancho Mati Koronyo founder of ‘Kankido’ replaced Mr. Sasiama and Guy trained with him for over two decades. For a while, Guy trained also under Max Naor, who was a well-respected Karate Coach in Israel, in-order to further polish his karate skills.

Kankido – the unique style of Kancho Koronyo was composed of a mixture of Karate, Kung-Fu, Aikido and Krav-Maga which Koronyo learned from Imi Lichtenfeld founder of Civilian Krav-Maga.

In addition to his training with Kancho Koronyo, Guy also studied Thai Boxing under Eli Elimelech (his friend), and some additional courses of Krav-Maga with Eli Avikzar, and Kyokushinkai with Sensei Sassi Shiri and foreign instructors who came occasionally to Israel.

At some point, Kancho Koronyo suggested to Guy, to go and train abroad to improve his global martial arts education. Guy trained in England, France, USA and Canada especially under Kancho Takemassa Okuyama and Mr. Wally Slocki who was one of the best martial arts competitors in the world.

Guy also trained with the Israeli national karate team, under Coach Roy Faiga, and later with the help of Gaby Michaeli, one of Israel top Karate athletes.

In 1999 Dr. Guy Mor was invited by the Greek ministry of sport to be a founding member of the International Federation of Pankration Athlima (IFPA – currently WPAF). Thanks to this invitation, Guy began training in this art and became proficient in Pankration and ground techniques know today as BJJ.
For over a decade Guy was very active with the Pankration Federation including holding the position of, European union President and Vice President of IFPA.

Guy was always engaged in academic studies and research. He was intrigued by the gap between traditional martial arts training concepts and, scientific approach. So, he decided to research this gap, a research which led to the creation of Meijin-Do,  the first martial-art in the world, which is based on scientific principles.

In his career as an athlete he competed in Israel and abroad, his best athletic achievement was being rated 3rd in North America Open Kubota Kup.

As a coach, Dr. Mor’s students have won numerous titles in Israel and globally.
• Dozens of his students were rated top fighters in Israel full contact Karate.
• He had coached several Pankration European Champions.
• USA armature Thai Boxing highly rated Athlete.
• European Jujitsu silver medalist.
• Pankration World Champion who was trained by his top student, Shlomi Katz.

Dr. Mor’s top students were stationed as head of the Krav-Maga Department, at the IDF anti-terror school, for many years. This is due to the high reality-based training, conducted by Dr. Mor and his leading instructors, which was found to be most effective in real fighting.

Academically, Dr. Mor made some significant impact writing:
Effects of resistance and martial arts training in 6-8 year-old boys, 1996.

• The Creation of a Scientific Martial Art, Meijin-Do, 1998.

• Constructing an annual training program for Karate athletes 1999.

• The use of running as a complementary training 1999.

•  Pankration Athletes. Co-written with Darryl Grauman, 2002.

Krav-Maga, Teaching With Doubt. Co-written with Abi Moriya, 2015.

and many more items on Physical fitness, nutrition and sport management.

Today, Dr. Mor holds a position of Over Sea Professor at Shanghai University of Sport, and, Head of Martial arts and Security discipline at Wingate Institute Israel National Sport Institution.

Dr. Mor is a qualified Karate and pankration coach, a Krav-Maga senior instructor and hold the following ranks:
• 9 Dan in Meijin-Do
• 8 level black belt in Pankration
• 6 Dan in Full Contact Karate
• 5 Dan in IKA Karate
• 4 Dan in Kankido