Abi Moriya

Abi Moriya is a professional coach and researcher whose involvement in the martial arts spans four decades. In addition, Abi is a teacher of Qigong and Chinese Traditional Medicine. He is a senior member of the Martial Arts discipline at the Nat Holman School for Coaches and Instructors, Wingate Institute, Israel.

Abi began his martial arts training as a youth, under the instruction of Dennis Hanover. This short period included mostly Kyokushin Karate and elements from Judo. Years later this became known as “Dennis Survival Ju-Jitsu”.

After finishing the Israeli IDF mandatory service, Abi started his CMA training under the instruction of Issac Mizrahi, an Israeli teacher who trained in Argentina. Horhe’ Goldstein, Mr. Mizrahi’s teacher, learned from two Taiwanese teachers and named his club Shaolin Lao Hu (Shaolin tiger style).

During this four years period Abi became interested in the healing aspects of the art, and learned with two Israeli pioneers: Moshe’ Olshevsky, with whom he learned Chinese Medicine, and Ron Peis, with whom he learned Namikoshi Shiatsu.

In 1986, Abi decided to further his martial and medical training, and took a life changing trip to Taiwan. Abi learned under the instruction of Master Hong Yixiang, founder of the Tang Shou Dao, internal martial arts school. The main style he learned was Xingyi Quan. On top of learning with Master Hong, Abi also learned the use of various traditional weapons with Peng Hanping, a Praying Mantis expert. This period gave Abi a chance to deepen his knowledge in Chinese Medicine and Bone Setting, and eventually gave a whole balanced view of the martial and medical aspects.

Upon his return to Israel at the end of the 80’s, Abi entered Israel’s first Chinese Martial Arts Championship where he won the title of Grand Champion. He also competed in the NY Open Championship (2nd place) and the Tat Mau-Wong Championship (3rd place), both in the USA.  Abi opened a school named “Essence of Change”, teaching both martial and healing arts. Of note was a special program he conducted for blind students, with the aim of first teaching them Tuina (massage therapy) and then going on to certify them as Tuina therapists, thus giving them a marketable skill set, allowing them to pursue employment and to live more self-sufficient lives.

In 1991, Abi Moriya had the good fortune to meet and train extensively with Guro Aryeh Pessah, while he lived and studied medicine in Israel. Guro Pessah was a teacher of the Filipino martial art named Cabales Serrada Escrima. Before Mr. Pessah moved back to the USA, Abi was tested as an instructor by Guro Lee Watson. He continues to promote the art of Angel Cabales till today.

Abi Moriya continued to learn and research the medical arts. He learned Zen Shiatsu with Nigel Dawes, and Tuina with Dr. Guan, former head department at Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine who relocated to Israel.


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Photo By Ran Golani